Taking place about January 22-24, the plank room expo has a little bit of everything. Aside from a plethora of sound system, vendors, and exhibitors, people can take good thing about a 50% discount upon retail rates and free of charge admission to the exhibit flooring. On top of that, guests are treated to a variety of educational sessions, the most important being a panel on boardroom best practices courtesy of the AICPA. The case is a chance for business people to study from others and to network with colleagues of all levels of ilk.

The demonstrate features an array of expos and seminars covering every factor of the boardroom sphere, by adolescent to elder. https://boardroomexpo.com/how-to-select-board-management-software For the serious businessperson, the board room expo is important attend. In addition to that, attendees will be treated into a catered buffet and free of charge beer and wine pairings.