Electrostatic Disinfection Solution


Karefield’s proven electrostatic technology provides a positive charge to spray particles, making them wrap around the entire (negatively charged) surface with faster and even coverage.

Our advanced system is effective against a variety of pathogens including SARS-Cove2 or COVID-19, which is faster than conventional methods, and is safe to use around babies, adults, pets, and plants.

How does it work

Karefield uses patented technology products mechanism for different scales of disinfection services.

The device sprays electrically charged disinfectant solution on both visible and invisible hard to reach surfaces. The electrostatic formula wraps itself around conductive areas it is sprayed on to provide a longer, deeper, and more effective sterilization.

Electrostatic Benefits Over Conventional Methods

Touchless Application

Fast and effective application, free from touching and wiping off surfaces. Less disinfectant is used while obtaining high levels of hygiene.

Eliminates Cross Contamination

The procedure of spraying and wiping often transfers bacteria from one surface to another.
Electrostatic sprayer reduces this risk with its touchless technology.

Liquid Adhesion & Coverage

When sprayed, the charged droplets are spread evenly on the surface. Hidden and difficult to reach areas are also covered since the particles hold a cationic charge.

Electrostatic Wrapping

Our solutions are charged with electrostatics that wraps conductive surfaces and provides effective results.

Cost Effective

Our methods are cost-effective with versatile functions that provide efficient outcomes.

Better Dwell Times

Electrostatic sprayers’ 3-1 nozzle provides the option of matching particle size to the disinfectant’s required dwell time.


Eco-friendly effective sprayers that spatter 65% less disinfectant which is non-corrosive and bio-degradable.