Automobile Disinfection

Unhygienic yet visibly clean car cabins can be alarmingly deceiving.

Dangerously close and invisibly present microbial threats can cause infections and disease. Vehicles not properly cleaned may possess allergens, toxins, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), molds, mites, dead skins, bacterial, and viruses.

Automobile Disinfection
At times, damaging equipment and scratching fears restrict reaching out to all of the car interiors for the essentially required cleaning.

Moreover, cross-contaminating car wipes are unable to do an ideal disinfectant job or cleaning for health.

Neglecting to reach all surfaces has birthed infectious germs and pathogens that can prove to be detrimental to everyone’s health. The solution; turn to professionals who possess the abilities and accredited equipment to 100% disinfect a vehicle.

Karefield’s advanced verifiable systems are faster and safer than traditional methods and provide fool-proof protection for babies, adults, and pets.

Our disinfectant applications are bactericidal, fungicidal, veridical, and mildew-static and leave no chance for bio-organisms all throughout the vehicle interiors, ventilation systems, or covered surfaces.

Total 360° coverage

Karefield’s Electrostatic CE Mark Sprayers are accredited to be used against bio-hazards including the novel-coronavirus COVID-19.

Bacteria & viruses can live on high touch surfaces

Steering Wheel
Cup holders
Gear shift
Child car seat
Using harsh chemical disinfectants can be poisonous & wiping the surface causes 75% higher chances of risk.
Our Non Bleach Non Chlorine EPA and WHO approved Non Toxic applications provide 99.999% protection.

Karefield’s touchless electrostatic technology uses cationic charges on non-toxic disinfectant spray particles that cover even hard-to-reach areas and causing them to wrap around and stick to the surfaces.

This allows the disinfectants to reach all the corners and spaces without cross-contamination – even those that are hidden from the human eye. Our products are bio-degradable, child-safe, and do not leave a foul odor.

Safety protocols

Karefield follows OSHA and RoHS standards. To provide safe and hygienic services, our service department has been guided to practice social distancing and all local regulations.

This includes offering services that eliminate person-to-person contact as much as possible. Our sales process can be completed online or over the phone, therefore you can easily continue to follow protocols may that be a personal car or fleet of vehicles.