Disinfection & Sanitization

Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting are critical components needed for living or to operate any business or facility. Sanitizing and disinfection, in particular, are crucial steps in preventing the spread of invisible bio-threats and pathogens.

For home, work places and industries, an active antimicrobial, verucidal, sporicidal and micro bactericidal treatment regimen is required. Microorganism eradications and their growth are stopped immediately by products that deactivate or destroy viruses and bacteria’s by attacking their RNA, DNA and Proteins.

At Karefield, we work around with non-corrosive, non-irritant, non-toxic and food safe products equally suitable for human and animals or any domesticated and industrial environments. Karefields application technologies are most advance and according to requirement of spaces being treated.

Karfield disinfection applications are purpose-built scientific solutions and are applied through most diligence per suitable protocols and grades – our advance technologies capacities range from ULV and Cold Clouding to Dry Mist Atomisation, Hydroxyle Generators(for VOC and contaminants), UV Robotics and most advance variant macrons Electrostatic disinfection sprayers. Our solutions can be customized accordingly from sensitive small spaces to any size areas providing comprehensive remediation for addressing microbial hazards including the SARS-CoV-2 or Noval Corona Virus.

We ensure efficient decontamination as per WHO and other accredited standards and proven processes are employed to protect your family and business to ensure spaces are virus and microbes free.