As leaders look to instill and build trust with their stakeholder groups, they must consider the individual needs across of the four dimensions of trust: physical, emotional, financial and digital. Balancing stakeholder trust is one of the most important items on executive agendas today.

April last with pandemic getting devastating shape Deloitte foresight was released over four dimensions of trust that need to be perceived by resilient leadership. As the world moves on, there is no “back” to normal but a “New” normal that is forward looking in its all entirety. Smartest nations will need swift understanding and participation of agenda that encircles for a great re-set through a defined strategic intelligence. Re-set that demands willingness for inclusivity, an eye for equality and zeal for preparing all genders, cadres and communities for the new tools and essentials in a domain that will be mostly digital. This pandemic might pass, but we don’t know when will be the next. Adapting to new norms and to be resilient and protected now and be prepared for coming challenges is probably the wisest living approach.

Nations have to be consultative, innovations embracing, bearing global sight and respecting all but mostly, our planet.