We are at many leading booths signing exiting product and services partnerships for Pakistan and attending the educational and learning sessions. Karefield management delegates attended many scientific sessions and our field crew acquired important trainings and mentoring by influential leaders present to introduce service innovations, transfer knowledge from lessons learned while providing solutions that will aim to push the industry forward into the new normal.

Karefield made its grasp even stronger as how global community appreciates cleaning as an investment in human health, the environment, and an improved bottom line, and how important it is to be vigilant as after COVID where do we go from here. What’s next that global community has to be guarded from.

We attended GBAC sessions and got more accredited trainings for more of our team members from world’s best electrostatic equipment providers. We got more learned on importance of compliances and safety for infection prevention and its solution that real cleaning transformation has elevated by placing the disinfection at top of the mind of every industry, all sectors and sizes for gaining re-opening confidence and sustenance by using technologies.

Karefield will stay connected-live on demand extended session till March 31st 2021, the imperative time for the industry to remain connected and ensure helping consumers and institutions as we begin moving towards 2021.