Resedencies And Hotels

Living spaces need to be more secure than ever by keeping all areas disinfected and free from viruses and other harmful pathogens. Microbial watch and bio-fencing needs are top concerns for residences and hospitality establishments to ensure effective housekeeping.
Every residence requires the utmost care for healthy living that negates any chances for infection and microbial growth.

New norms demand better routines than conventional cleaning all over residences for protection from bio-hazards and viruses. These threats need mandatory fencing.

Hotels and rest houses require continuous care and fool-proof replication of disinfection services for each new guest to offer a consistently safe standard of living. Each room needs to be scanned thoroughly for microbial threats and sanitized using bio forensics to prevent any infection from being carried forward.

You can delight your guests with your proactive approach of taking care of their health, and prevent any embarrassing accounts of hotel cleanliness. Our monitoring systems will help you detect any sign of germs before your guests do.

Fitness centers, spas, and pools need to ensure that members are using services and equipment that is clean and does not harbor any harmful bacteria or viruses; from MRSA to Norovirus to common cold.

All areas and equipment, cardio machines, weights, mats, benches, bars need anti-microbial coverage. Pools, spas, saunas, locker rooms, restrooms, drinking fountains, snack bars must be effectively bacteria-free. Cleaning crews and sanitizers have to meet acclaimed standards.

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Apartments & Residential Complexes
Private villas & Bungalows
Spas , gyms and fitness centers
Hotels & Rest houses
Clubs and Courses
Places of worship
Our bespoke services for residences and hotels include:
  • Karefield’s electrostatic Green Systems for disinfection and sanitization – providing complete coverage, requiring minimal labor, application time, and product consumption. 100% safe for living areas.
  • Karefield’s cleanliness monitoring with rapid cleaning verification tests. ATP spot check monitoring and detection systems against germs and contaminations.
  • Karefield systems and protocols that verify housekeeping staff is cleaning to the required standards.
  • Runway cleaning services by scrubbers for the aviation sector, cool air-blasting, and advance cleaning mechanism for Maritime logistics and naval fleets. Cleaning and anti-rust treatments with globally compliant products those are non-flammable and non-corrosive. Non-toxic cleaning methods for defense equipment.
  • Aqua checks for water quality and snap checks in high touch areas to ensure surface disinfection.
  • Karefield’s electrostatic disinfection service provides a fast and effective way to disinfect equipment that is effective and cost efficient and uses less labor, saving you time and money.
  • Protection against unseen challenges emanating from contact in common use areas and shared equipment, including communicable diseases caused by bacteria and viruses.

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