Offices and Commercial Facilities

Workplace safety is one of the primary concerns for business owners and employees. Employers have to ensure their workplaces are as safe as they can be.

Employees and customers alike may have fears of returning to business as usual; preparing for and communicating how safety is a top priority will allay fears and increase brand loyalty.

Secure your workspaces and safeguard your clients and colleagues through our enhanced disinfection and anti-microbial BSC – Building Services Control.

For businesses, having a reliable infection and cleaning control system is essential for promoting safe and healthy work practices to boost efficiency, profitability, and productivity. Karefield’s support for building services extends to training staff, incorporating secure disinfection protocols, and sourcing effective materials and technology that is economical, time-saving, and energy-efficient.

Karefield can up training to mentor employees on how cleaning should be executed, and help them set up implementation and monitoring mechanisms to ensure your establishment is always cleaned to your required standards.


Business Complexes & Corporate Offices
Sports & Amusement Parks
Banks & Co-Working Spaces
Cinemas & Entertainment
Malls & Shopping Plazas
A description of our business-centric services includes:
  • Building entry protocols and processes for employees & visitors
  • SpotCheck testing and proofing systems for scanning hotspots and maintaining sanitization levels at high-risk physical contact areas including elevators, escalators, and doorways.
  • Dual purpose product application for both instant sanitization and long-term disinfection
  • Complete coverage of applied surfaces using Karefield’s electrostatic application mechanism – with zero power draw and touchless application ensuring efficiency and safe handling.

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