Industrial Complexes And Plants

Microbial growth and lack of environmental hygiene can result in some serious consequences for industries – with the possibility of disease outbreaks that pose a grave threat to performance, employee safety, operating costs, and downstream legal liabilities.
Continuity of industrial operations depends on all components working smoothly. A bio-hazard, in the form of harmful viruses/bacteria can severely hamper that process, and be detrimental to profitability.

In these circumstances, conventional cleaning methodologies do not suffice, as they lack total coverage, and increase the risk of cross-contamination.

Sanitation and disinfection are now key parts of the requisite quality standards for industrial processes, measured by quantifiable indicators and requiring decisive interventions to safeguard against contamination of facilities or equipment.

Presence of these biological threats within the areas of operation poses a great hazard for human life, worker efficiency, and productivity – directly impacting the morale and motivation of the workforce.

Large industrial setups require specialized cleaning and disinfection protocols, and robust monitoring systems to identify high-risk areas before a threat emerges.


Factories & industries
Service Labs
Energy, Oil & Gas
HVAC and cooling towers
Production & Packaging
Karefield’s tailor-made packages for industries include:
  • Next-generation verification and monitoring systems for routine cleaning regimens. These systems include water quality testing, microorganism testing (for presence of specific pathogens) and ATP sanitation monitoring.
  • Globally acclaimed electrostatic disinfection application for operational areas and high tough points. Rapid application and complete coverage using eco-friendly products.
  • Anti-microbial treatments for air passages and HVAS tunnels
  • EPA, REACH, HACCP, EPA and CDC certified cleaners and disinfectants.
  • Clean-Care-Plus programs for setting up organizational disinfection processes to the required international standards – including training, mentoring and formulating in-house ‘Hygiene Teams’
  • Sourcing of high-tech anti-microbial materials, products and technology. Including advanced HEPA filters, sterilizing robots and autonomous cleaning machines.

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