Health Care

Karefield’s cleaning and disinfection services help you deliver healthcare safely – securing your facility against disease outbreaks and Hospital Acquired Infections
It is an established fact that millions of people die every year from Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s), especially in the challenging environments of overstretched healthcare facilities.

Round the clock monitoring of sanitation and hygiene within hospitals is therefore critical to ensuring community health and welfare.

It has become a prime responsibility of healthcare providers to protect their staff and patients from getting sick during their hospital stays and providing a safe environment for every visitor.

The consequences of not staying on top of HAIs are unacceptable in this day and age, leaving the hospital exposed to high financial risk, reputation damage, major fines against noncompliance with regulatory guidelines, and legal actions on behalf of infect personnel.

Karfield can help you mitigate the risks of HAIs by employing some of the most highly effective equipment and eco-friendly materials available. Karefield’s services can be adapted as a critical component of a holistic infection control program for hospital clinics and pharmacies.


Public & Private Hospitals
Clinics & Physicians’ Offices
Nursing Homes & Rehabilitation Centers
Veterinary & non-acute facilities
Dental Services
Our packages for healthcare facilities includes:
  • Complete range of remedial and protective services using technologically advanced techniques and non-toxic products.
  • Microbial Analyses, rapid testing standards and verification.
  • Materials and equipment integration into disinfection & cleaning protocols
  • Easy to use equipment, and training programs for sanitation staff
  • Internationally certified cleaning procedures to reduce human error
  • 3x greater results than traditional disinfecting and sanitizing equipment
  • Greatly reduced application time and quantity of cleaning products used
  • Sourcing hospital grade products for all areas for all departments from common areas to OTs and LABs.

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