Food Services

Without a doubt, surfaces and equipment in contact with food or used in food preparation require complete sanitization & disinfection. These are essential for ensuring quality of produce, protection of diners, and business reputation.
Preserving trust in the food business requires upholding flawless principles of cleanliness and safety. Even a slight breach can have irreparable implications.

Workers in the food industry are often at the frontline of public dealing, and uniquely at risk of contracting/spreading a communicable illness. Their trust in your leadership and public trust in your service needs to be protected and preserved.

Karefield’s range of cleaning products and services, and in particular the training and mentorship programs for employees can help you take care of what’s most important – the health and safety of your staff and customers.

Failure to take care of these things otherwise can directly lead to loss of sales, bad publicity, lawsuits, and authoritative closures by regulatory bodies


Commercial Kitchens
Fast Casual & Cafes
Fine dining
Grocers & supermarkets
Meat & poultry
Dairy, deli & bakers
Food logistics
Our range of services tailored to food businesses include:
  • Multi -purpose HACCP & REACH fortified products for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection control.
  • Touchless application mechanism and non-toxic products to ensure safe operation around food preparation areas.
  • Water quality monitoring and maintenance to prevent water-borne contaminations and diseases.
  • Specialized disinfection protocols for dining areas against spread of viruses/bacteria.
  • Pathogen control staff training and counselling.
  • Materials and equipment integration into disinfecting & cleaning routines.
  • SpotCheck testing and proofing systems for scanning food residue and bio-films.

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