Aviation, Transport & Military

Air transportation and other means of commuting need to have foolproof safety to safeguard passengers from communicable diseases.

Following a global pandemic, all travel and transportation providers will be required to protect commuters against microbial threats by incorporating processes that make secure travel possible. Until this is achieved, travelling will be the most high-risk activity, leaving millions of people vulnerable to the spread of life-threatening infections.

IATA assesses 10.2 million direct and 65 million indirect employment positions associated with commercial airlines.

As a consequence of travel restrictions under COVID-19, these positions are under threat, and the future of travel uncertain.

At this time, it is critical for survival of transport providers and facilitators to take the lead in making their services more secure – employing cleaning, sanitization and disinfection programs and processes at all travel touch points.

Terminals, lounges, aircraft landside and airside operations will need enhanced anti-pathogen programs for the customer’s personal safety and peace of mind during travel in your care. Anti-microbial controls for any transportation service have to be effectively incorporated across the organization as part of its core operations. Routine and snap checks for verification of implementation are also necessary to rule out any system gaps.

Frontline services providers in commute and logistics also require greater care and protection against any possible transmission of infection.


Airlines and airports
Road transport
Car fleets
Commercial & private air fleets
Policing and Para Military
Maritime & Naval Fleets
Karefield’s services for the transportation sector include:
  • Globally acclaimed electrostatic disinfection application for aircrafts, all airports areas and travel touch points. Rapid coverage using touchless application and eco-friendly consumables.
  • Next-generation verification and monitoring systems for routine cleaning regimens, including microorganism testing (for presence of specific pathogens) and ATP sanitation monitoring.
  • Boeing and Airbus certified aviation-specific cleaners and disinfectants. Cloud and fogging mechanism for lounges, check-in channels, walkways and ramp operations.
  • Clean-Care-Plus programs for setting up organizational disinfection processes to the required international standards – including training, mentoring and formulating in-house ‘Hygiene Teams’
  • Sourcing of high-tech anti-microbial materials, products and technology. Including advanced HEPA filters, sterilizing robots and autonomous cleaning machines.
  • On call automobile disinfection service – from personal vehicles to private/commercial fleets.

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