What is clean is NOT what looks clean. Cleaning needs to be verifiable to see bio organism eliminated else pathogens and bacterium thrive invisible on apparently clean surfaces as serious health risks. Cleaning is not for mere appearance but for assurance against health hazards. Cleaning complemented by spectrum that covers sanitization and disinfection is the true clean.

Yet again, how you clean, sanitize and disinfect is real matter of concern. Detergents only clean and to an instant sanitize, beyond that is a seriously prudent affair. Cleaners and disinfectants can be toxic, flammable, corrosive and off gas volatile organic compounds. These may contain harms through high alcohol content, dangerous chemicals and poisonous solvents. This may threaten lives greater than the problem these solutions are trying to address.

Karefield has taken the mission to introduce nontoxic cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants applicable from food to hospital grade needs. Contents and protocols those are safe for people, plants, animals, and are eco-friendly. Products effectiveness is inbuilt with cleaning, surpassing sanitizing and covering disinfection closest to sterilization standards. A broad spectrum that is verudical, bactericidal, fungicidal and meldewstat up-to the “06 Log Kill”.    

We are associated with”Electrostatic Application Technology“ unveiling for the first time in Pakistan that is touch-less, least labor intensive, eliminates any chances of cross contaminations that takes place by wiping, swiping and mopping. It combats even hard to reach areas and transform places and surfaces pathogens and bacteria free. A break though technology that matters!  Adapted and used by households to health sector, food preparing to in industrial complex and aviation to maritime.       

Karefields follows the ISSA standards and GBAC procedures that help you prepare for, respond to and recover from bio- risk situations. Karefield lets you have the peace of mind by creating a protective field around you, no matter where you are. Prevent, Protect and Preserve safer and healthier living for being prepared to respond, recover and thrive in the world threatened by microbial and infectious disease .