Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'electrostatic' mean?

The electrostatic is an electromagnetic phenomenon that causes attraction or repulsion of charges between particles. Opposite charges attract, while similar charges repel.

This principle is used by our Electrostatic Spraying System, which sprays positively charged disinfectant particles onto negatively charged surfaces – using these laws of attraction to ensure the surface is completely covered.

This practice ensures that the disinfectant solution reaches any hard-to-reach areas that would not have been accessible using conventional methods.

How does electrostatic disinfection work?

Our device sprays electrically charged disinfectant solution onto the surface – and electrostatic attraction takes care of the rest. The positively charged spray particles then wrap themselves around all negatively charged surfaces to provide 100% even coverage and more effective sterilization.

How is electrostatic different or better from conventional cleaning and sterilization methods?

Electrostatic disinfection is fast, effective, and completely covers all surfaces to eliminate and safeguard against harmful microorganisms.

Besides its lethal performance against pathogens and complete surface protection, it offers numerous other advantages over conventional sterilization techniques such as:

  • Reduced risk of cross contamination
  • Reduced cost of disinfectants by 65%
  • Zero external power consumption
  • Greater square-feet of coverage
  • 70%Lower application time
  • Smarter surfaces dwell times.

Is Karefield's electrostatic disinfection effective against COVID-19?

Yes. Karefield’s Electrostatic disinfection provides thorough protection against a large number of pathogens, allergens, bacteria, and other fungal and viral infections – including the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19).

It also improves infection control and limits the spread of other viruses such as influenza including H1N1, MRSA, HIV, Salmonella & Staph, E-Coli, and many more.

How long does it take to disinfect a facility and have it ready for use?

This amount of time required for disinfectant applications depends on the surface area of the spaces that need to be covered.

However, because of Karefield’s use of electrostatic technology, application times are reduced by 70% compared to conventional disinfection techniques – which are time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Once applied, it takes 4-10 minutes for the disinfectant solution to sterilize the surface, after which the facility is ready for normal operations.

How will Karefield save me time and money?

The electrostatic devices used by Karefield provide effective and controlled disinfection. All areas of space are covered and sterilized in a very short time span (within minutes) using the least amount of disinfectant solution – this reduces product usage cost by 65%, labor cost and time compared to conventional methods by 70%.

How many people from Karefield's workforce will be entering my premises?

Karefield’s electrostatic systems have been designed to be operated in the most efficient manner. Processes are neither labor intensive nor require tiring logistics. We use self-sufficient equipment that does not require heavy machinery, noisy compressors, or long electrical wires crawling through space.

Our Electrostatic sprayer can be easily operated by a single individual to cover an area of 8000 square feet within minutes – while adhering to all necessary health and safety guidelines.

Is it safe to spray around electronics and pets?

Karefield’s electrostatic disinfection service is completely safe to be used around electronics such as laptops and desktop computers as it is not applied at a close range. We do recommend putting away any important documents or papers that you do not want to be sprayed before the scheduled service.

Our systems are completely safe for the personnel, pets, and plants present during the service. Protective gear and masks are not necessary but may be used (especially in medical facilities, as part of our protocol). We use spray consumables that are non-corrosive, non-irritant, non-toxic, food-safe, and biodegradable.

Does Karefield provide training for building and implementing processes and procedures in corporate offices, buildings and institutional facilities?

We offer BSC consultancy and mentoring through our highly trained disinfection experts in the regulations and best practices employed by companies internationally for business continuity amidst public health crises. Our Training and mentorship programs are effective and help implement defined processes manage cleaning protocols and creating customized solutions and implementing rigorous health and safety protocols for infection prevention.

To meet immediate challenges re-start Business, Karfield’s Back to Business program includes the requisite training, regulation adherence, and mentoring components necessary to help our client’s resume their businesses or operations like schools, colleges, and transportation.

Does Karefield supply cleaning products too?

Yes, karefield supplies products that cater to consumer and institutional customers. We provide cleaning supplies to our clients who partner with us through our disinfection services and training program processes, which are based on the latest and most effective technologies in play globally. Our all supplies are eco-friendly and safe to use around people, pets, and plants. We use no-bleach, non-solvent, non-corrosive, non-toxic, inflammable and highly user-friendly products.

What global standards do Karefield's disinfection application have?

Our applications are certified and compliant with the standards and requirements of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), the European Commission (EC), the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Commission (ROHSC), Edison Testing Lab (ETL), the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and the Mexican Official Standards.

Karefield also uses products that are REACH compliant, possess an EC mark, and have HACCP and Halal certifications.

Karefield also meets OSHA/NIOSH requirements for spraying with Electrostatic Sprayers.

How often do I need this service?

Electrostatic spraying kills harmful pathogens in any area within minutes and that sustains according to the infected place usages and routines. Facilities that are introduced to pathogens on a daily basis such as gyms, hospitals, malls, offices etc. may require the disinfection service more often than the average household.

We have multiple disinfection programmes that cater to regular disinfection requirements to ensure continuous fail-safe protection. Our shield protocols involving antimicrobial, virucidal, sporicidal, and micro-bactericidal application can provide up protection from pathogens for up to 04 weeks.

Our disinfection experts are available to guide you and curate tailored solutions according to your specific requirements.

Do I need to wipe the area after the sprayer is used?

That depends on the disinfectant being used. There are many sanitizers and disinfectants that require no rinsing or wiping required after application. Dwell time is important, Karefields services and products ensure the required time and appropriate procedures.

How long does it take electrostatic spray to dry?

There are many variables that can affect drying times including temperature, humidity, particle size, and the product used.  Our electrostatic 3-in-1 unique nozzle allows you to select from three different size particles which can help you customize the drying time.

How do I request a survey or more information about Karefield’s disinfection service?

Our disinfection experts are available to answer any queries you might have.

If you are ready to protect yourself and others, you can request more information about our Electrostatic Disinfection Service and/or other programmes by giving us a call or reaching out to us through this online form:

If there is a question that you have and it is not listed in here, please feel free to email us at [email protected]