We are a Karachi based, internationally focused & affiliated Anti-Microbial & Infection Control Company.

As a start-up; we are offering the following positions for young people interested to learn the new living & business norms.

We would appreciate applicants desiring to pursue careers in the re-set business world that now mandates a Safer & Healthier Living:

Front Desk Routing Officer: Female (1 Position)

Proficient in English and Urdu. Networking calls & administration. Proficient in virtual tools (such as Slack and HubSpot etc.) for operational management and communication, plus MS Office. Added skills in digital design tools will be an added advantage.

Manager Routing Office: Male (1 Position)

In addition to having comparable skills and assisting the front desk office, should  be able to manage supply chain, vendors, Inventory & field team support.

Supervisor/Field Crew: Female or Male (Multiple Positions)

Team lead management skills. Acquainted with basic knowledge about infectious disease control, water chemistries, pathogens’ behavior, microbial threats and cleaning for health protocols.

Field Crew: Female or Male (Multiple Positions)

Skills to perform Anti-Microbal Services with latest technology, tools and products. Should be skilled in ways to respond to Bio-hazards and remedial & proofing protocols. This is also a sales based position, that will be rewarded with incentified remunerations.

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