About Karefield

The New Normal

Most of our time is spent indoors, in our homes, workplaces, or transportation – but how safe are the spaces we occupy?

With the discoveries of deadly diseases and infections caused by invisibly veiled pathogens, conventional cleaning practices and protocols have become not only obsolete but life-threatening. And these old techniques hardly cover 25% of the area, leaving an alarming 75% chance of life-threatening risks.

Karefield is here to help you adopt new norms and create a protected field around you, no matter where you are.

Karefield’s advanced cleaning systems and protocols cleanse, sanitize, and disinfect with logical processes and scientific proofing.

Our families and colleagues deserve the safety and peace of mind that comes with Karefield’s advanced cleaning systems and protocols.

Our products are easy to use, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly and are safe for children, pets, and even plants.

We are ISSA Member Company and GBAC affiliates for techniques to observe best industry cleaning for health practices and help you prepare for, respond to, and recover from bio-risk situations.

While you’re here, feel free to browse through, and let us see how our services and products can help you, or call us at +92 304 111 5273 for a free consultation.

Our Core Values

Karefield lives by 3 core values which are an absolute necessity for contemporary living.


Taking measures to keep your loved ones, businesses, and the society out of harm’s way.


Taking no chances, shielding your lifestyle and workspaces. That’s new normal.


Ensuring your health hygiene and stability is the way of life.


Karefield operates within a self-disciplined framework. We are a business that follows ethical and fair practices in all our decisions and policies. We are cautious of impact on natural resources, human capital, living rights, biodiversity, and the environment.

We believe in progress through dialogue with all stakeholders. At the heart of our business model is our commitment to collaborate and move forward with mutual respect.

Karefield, forestalls regulations that ensure actions with positive impacts on the planet, consumers, employees, and communities. Our operations strictly follow diligent Health & Safety standards for our employees and our workspaces.

We offer an outlook that follows Environments, Governance, and Social framework to see society at large. We reveal to be milieu thoughtful, socially cautious, and promising in corporate practices that determine persistent performance, sustainability, and ethics for us, our future potential investors, and other stakeholders. Karefield broadened EGS rules sharing culture and well-defined company governance that is assessed, recorded, and matrixed regularly for compliance.