Taking measures to keep your loved ones, businesses, and the society out of harm’s way.


Taking no chances, shielding your lifestyle and workspaces. That’s new normal.


Ensuring your health hygiene and stability is the way of life.

The New Normal

Most of our time is spent indoors, in our homes, workplaces, or commuting through various means of transportation – but how safe are the spaces we occupy?

With the discoveries of deadly diseases and infections caused by invisibly veiled pathogens, conventional cleaning practices, and protocols have become not only obsolete but life-threatening. These old techniques hardly cover 25% of the area, leaving an alarming 75% chance of life-threatening risks.

Office disinfection

Faster and Effective Disinfection

Karefield’s proven electrostatic technology provides a positive charge to spray particles, making them wrap around the negatively charged surfaces and surroundings with rapid speed and even coverage.

Our most advanced system is effective against pathogens including COVID-19, which is faster than conventional methods, and is safe to use even with babies, pets, and plants around us.

Cold And Dry Clouding

Karefield offers clouding and fogging services using state of the art equipment that disinfects complete areas and protects from any contamination or microbes growth.

The various technologies we use include ULV Treatment, Pulverization, and Dry Misting solutions custom designed to the requirements of your facility.

Back to School

Surfaces infected by pathogens can quickly transform a school into a breeding ground of infectious disease and harmful bacteria.

With our non-toxic and eco-friendly disinfection products, and touchless product application using electrostatic technology, Karefield is always ready to assist safeguarding your children’s health and safety.

To prevent irreversible damage to business operations and the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations have started to welcome customers and employees back into their facilities.

Karefield stands ready to partner with you to welcome your workforce back to business at a workplace which will be cleaner, healthier, greener, and safer.

Automobile Disinfection

Unhygienic yet visibly clean car cabins can be alarmingly deceiving.

Karefield’s advanced verifiable systems are faster and safer than traditional methods and provide fool-proof protection for babies, adults, and pets.


Karefield systems and processes cover a broad spectrum of areas ranging from residential to commercial spaces, to industries and institutions.

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